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London UK ,born in California America,Travel in Germany

I’m single and still in College ,and an athletic cute gay teen

I’m looking anyone who is gay also,chat and hookup is accepted XD

Boys(GayGuys) kikme ( Kik me) kik add me as Kik contacts now.


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  1. πŸ’š Kik: XxKDBitchxX πŸ’š
    πŸ’› Snapchat: kweeen.key πŸ’›
    πŸ’œ Instagram: kweeen.key πŸ’œ
    πŸ’™ Twitter: kween_key πŸ’™
    ❀️ Hiiii Everyone 😊! Wow, I hope I don’t sound to awkward. I’m 17 and I’m feeling bored and lonely at the moment πŸ˜”. I need a boyfriend y’all. I want a tall boyfriend who’s loyal, dominant, and sweet. But I also need friends. To be friends with me just be yourself πŸ’―, I dislike fake people, and if you are fake then please get away from me or I will punch you away, harshly πŸ˜‚. More things about me are that I’m a nerd πŸ“š. But I’m the cutest one you ever seen 😍 plus I’m a fighter . I love food ❀️ especially sweets 😍, food is bae obviously πŸ˜‚. I love to laugh πŸ˜‚, play video games, read, write, play some sports (I’m a cheerleader), and I’m kinda innocent πŸ™‚. I’m still a virgin and I’m proud. Anyway addd me please 😊.

    Why are you still here sweetface πŸ™„? What are you waiting for a kiss goodbyeπŸ€”? Man here’s a cookie πŸͺ now go add me already sweetface. Now, go on sweetie! ❀️

  2. 18 y/o bottom here from USA, KY.

    Im going to have the house to myself tomorrow and I want people to tell me what to do and I’ll do it for them. I’ve got dildos, vibrators, and can get pretty creative.

    Anyone welcome, preferred if you’re kinky, can hold a conversation outside of pure sex, and/or dominant/ a top.

    Kik: secretlygay8368

  3. 21 yo wanting to do some roleplay where I’m kidnapped by hillbillies, shorts cut off then when they look thru my backpack they find lotion they decide to rub it on my tighty whities and soak them to force me to cum πŸ™‚ if you want to do this replay kik me I will send pics and videos πŸ™‚ kik:polki35

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