How to download Kik?

download kik(kik apps)?How to download Kik messenger?It is charge or free charge to download Kik messenger?

Kik messenger is the fast, simple, personal and free charge smartphone messenger can work on iPhones, Android phones(eg: Most of Samsung,LG,Sony,HTC,Motorola and etc smartphone), Windows phones, and Blackberry phones.

You can choose which one kik app is suit for yours:

iPhone iPad iPod

Android Phones/Android Tablet (eg: Most of Samsung,LG,Sony,HTC,Motorola and etc smartphone)

Windows Phone/Windows Tablet

Amazon smart device


Nokia Symbian Phones(Not Available again)

BlackBerry Phones(Not Available again)


If you done this(Kik apps) and need to find the new Kik usernames and meet your kik friends online to kik me(kikme),you can check Menu and find them on also can post your Kik usernames on