How to protect your privacy

How to protect your privacy?

There is a simple way to cut down the risk of privacy leak on Kik,Snapchat,Skype or other instant message software by our member Nicole advice.


The First thing you need to know

Sexting can be dangerous than you think,Please be safe.


and try not to do those things

 1.  Do not use accounts with your real name ,Facebook name or your Instagram name.


2.  Think twice before share pictures that show your face. There are many people who are malicious people who pretend to be someone they are not.

(BTW: Live pictures are easy to fake and are not proof. )


3.  Please safeguard your identity.


4.  If your information is leaked or you are being blackmailed or threatened, you better to ask someone professional for help.


If you have trouble on that don’t be hesitate to email us kikmenet #


and Thanks again for Nicole advices