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Hello KikMe!

Welcome to Kik me/ Kikme. The First LGBT Friendly and the one of biggest Kik share websites,Share kik usernames online and find kik friends worldwide. make new kik online contacts , Join and login Kik messenger add Kik users or kik contacts from kik usernames finder. you can share your kik username to make connects with kikfriends all over the world ,so Kik me on kikme.net .

How to protect your privacy

How to protect your privacy? There is a simple way to cut down the risk of privacy leak on Kik,Snapchat,Skype or other instant message software by our member Nicole advice.   The First thing you need to know Sexting can be dangerous than you think,Please be safe.   and try not to do those things  1.  Do not use accounts with your real name ,Facebook name or your Instagram name.   2.  Think twice before […]

Kik Usernames of Feb 2015

What did happen on Kikme.Net? we had done for couple days,but we are come back now.we still update bisexual kik,boy kik,gay kik,girl kik,lesbian kik,shemale kik and group kik usernames online,you can post your kik usernames on Kikme or add male kik female usernames on the Kik messenger and enjoy the life to kik contacts find kik friends here XD

Kik Usernames of August 2014

This is Kik me(Kikme.Net) Find Bisexual Kik ,Boy Kik ,Gay Kik,Girl Kik or Lesbian Kik for Kik friends?You can get all of them on Kikme.Net (# Kik Me).it is easy and free.you can check all of Kik users on the page what you want.Kik me (Kikme.Net) update all the days.all hot friendly lovely Kik online people love to share their Kik usernames in here.and meet the Kik friends on Kikme.Net If have trouble on Kikme.net […]

How to find Kik online

How to find Kik people online/Kik online? First: make sure you have Kik Messenger in your smartphone Second: make sure you already register in Kik Messenger and owe a kik username.(Remember it,Kik username is your ID,kik usernames is only the way to find you in kik messenger and get touch kik online) Last:Find kik online or share your kik usernames.it’s very easy to do that on kikme.net.you can find kik online/kik people online different pages […]

What is Kik?

What is kik?I heard many times Do you have a Kik?Give me your Kik usernames?Here is my Kik username,Just Kikme /Kik me.so what is kik? Kik is the fast, simple, personal and free charge smartphone messenger application that connects you to everyone ,even from all over the world,you like to talk to. Kik = Kik messenger Kik Messenger now available for iPhones, Android phones(eg: Most of Samsung,LG,Sony,HTC,Motorola and etc smartphone), Windows phones, and Blackberry phones. […]