What is Kik?

What is kik?I heard many times Do you have a Kik?Give me your Kik usernames?Here is my Kik username,Just Kikme /Kik me.so what is kik?

Kik is the fast, simple, personal and free charge smartphone messenger application that connects you to everyone ,even from all over the world,you like to talk to.

Kik = Kik messenger
Kik Messenger now available for iPhones, Android phones(eg: Most of Samsung,LG,Sony,HTC,Motorola and etc smartphone), Windows phones, and Blackberry phones.
so you can download Kik messenger and free text to kik online users from all over the world.

If you need to find the Kik messenger usernames and meet your kik friends online to kik me(kikme),you can check Menu and find them on kikme.net(kik me.net).you also can post your Kik usernames on kikme.net(kik me.net)